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The Medical Campus project is rapidly evolving from a notional future project to a current, state-of-the-art quality health care and integrated services center for Guam and the region. The way in which the Healthcare Medical Campus taskforce communicates, with its patients and the community, effects how its patients and stakeholders feel about the services Medical Campus entities provide. This also impacts how patients, and our community feels about the Medical Campus as an organization. The mission of the Medical Campus communications effort is:


To measurably improve quality patient care in a safe environment, through transparent, accurate and reliable communication.



In the end the Medical Campus will thrive only if it meets the expectations of its customers and the community. 

The vision of Medical Campus’s communication strategy is:


To achieve a culture and environment of safety and quality patient care meeting national standards and addressing the needs of the community in a fiscally responsible, trustworthy health center.


  • Excellence in service – keeping our patients and the community-at-large informed in a proactive manner is paramount;

  • Cost-Efficiency - Understanding the economic hardship so many in the community contend with, efficient and effective use of resources is crucial.  Every dollar of communications expenses must be tied to a tangible and clear means to achieve the Medical Campus mission and vision; 

  • Accountability 

  • Safety 

  • Quality – The Medical Campus must constantly communicate its highest operational standards and the technology it employs offers the best option to meet its patient care mission and provide healthy outcomes for the entire community.

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